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Oklahoma is going to start licensing medical marijuana businesses. They are also going to make it a legal age to purchase marijuana, so long as you don’t have a criminal record. There are a lot of people in Oklahoma who are against this move. But if the state doesn’t take the initiative to regulate and tax the sale of cannabis, criminals will be able to buy and sell marijuana on the street.

Currently, Oklahoma only permits medical marijuana use for qualified patients. The qualifying conditions to be able to obtain medicinal marijuana include cancer, Glaucoma, and Crohn’s disease. Those who are in need of relief from pain caused by certain ailments may also qualify to use the cannabis extract for those conditions. This is where the Colorado cannabis market has an advantage over Oklahoma’s medical marijuana market.

Even though Oklahoma will be allowing some form of regulated cannabis, they will not be putting in places regulated cannabis where it can be sold at retail stores. Instead, marijuana will be available through doctor’s offices. The doctor’s office will simply be the place where you go to obtain a prescription for cannabis. Anyone with valid prescriptions that allow them to partake in the cannabis market will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. And because Oklahoma is moving forward slowly on this process, the market will be highly competitive. That means you have to step it up to be able to compete in the Oklahoma cannabis market.

When it comes to actually selling cannabis, Oklahoma won’t be adopting the Colorado model right away. Because medical marijuana use in Oklahoma is still illegal, any cannabis businesses in the state won’t be allowed to take advantage of selling their product. Only registered medical marijuana facilities will be able to do this. Those who choose to operate without a valid license will be put in jail.

In order to take advantage of the marijuana market in Oklahoma, you have to start now. There is only one licensed facility in the entire state, and it is located in Tulsa. There are many other facilities scattered around the county. If you want to get involved in the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma, you need to gather your resources today. Take advantage of our easy to use website to help you find what you need to get started: Marijuana Pens.

Once the regulated market for marijuana becomes available, Oklahoma will begin to see new opportunities emerge for entrepreneurs. comment cultiver le cannabis It is estimated that more than a million people will utilize marijuana each year. If you are looking to make money in Oklahoma’s cannabis market, now is the time to get involved. Our state government is moving slowly but surely to regulate and tax marijuana, and you can take advantage of this move by starting a business today in Oklahoma City.